Jack Shay, a Master carpenter/builder by trade, has been involved in all types of construction and executive project management and is a Catskill Mountain Builder.

We use only the best subcontractors and suppliers available. I believe you develop a team of professionals and plan and execute the job on time and on a budget! Subcontractors must know the expected standards and meet time schedules. I am an agent of the owner and work to see that the owners' expectations are met by all the subcontractors involved on the team.

Residential construction is very personal where great planning and communication are the keys to a successful job. Most people can't see the finished product before its built. We help guide you through the process with advanced planning of issues not always evident on blueprints. We build for clients who want traditional warmth and charm with modern materials and systems.

Architectural Design and planning services for the advance planning of project costs, material options, construction options and techniques to develop an efficient smart design that meets the customers vision and budget. Project management services for BOHA approvals, subdivisions, roads, building design, plan development, site work, engineering, surveys, and legal. Pre-planning with a Builder who Builds, seeing the final product before work commences and exploring options before costly errors are made is the key to a project that is on time and on budget while still meeting the customer's aesthetic desires.

Small homes/Vacation homes/Mini estates

We will design/build/Fabricate your future small home to meet today's financial need for an energy and space-efficient home. We use the latest green building technology and energy-efficient mechanical systems to build a home perfect for Couples, Retiree's or Vacation homes. Smart design doesn't need to be an oversized home with wasted space and high costs. The benefits of lower taxes, lower utility costs, and less maintenance, all designed into the perfect size space for your needs.

Net Zero Home Building

Shay Builders Net Zero Home Building is a home that produces as much energy as it uses over the course of a year. As a true Catskill Mountain Builder, we build with the use of geothermal, solar, green building materials, modern framing materials and techniques, and the latest energy-efficient mechanical systems you can build a home that is built to last and makes sense for the future.

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