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Jack Shay, a Master in carpenter/builder by trade, has been involved in all types of construction and executive project management. Jack has managed the largest Architectural woodwork projects in the country. Among Jack's accomplishments is the management of Foley Square Federal Courthouse which was the largest architectural woodwork project in the country at the time. The New York Public Library, Metropolitan Museum Galleries Hotels, Banks, Stores and Restaurants and restored and added 10,000 sq. ft. to the historic William Randolph Hearst Estate.


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Architectural Design and planning services for the advance planning of project costs, material options, construction options and techniques to develop an efficient smart design that meets the customers vision and budget. Project management services for BOHA approvals, subdivisions, roads, building design, plan development, site work, engineering, surveys, and legal. Pre- planning with a Builder who Builds, seeing the final product before work commences and exploring options before costly errors are made is the key to a project that is on time and on budget while still meeting the customers aesthetic desires.

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